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AMS Real Estate is a family run business that developed out of a desire to see our region grow in an equitable and ecologically sound way. We work with licensed real estate agents and knowledgable legal teams to ensure you are supported every step of the way. 


Founder, Alessa Stabile first fell in love with Cambutal on a surf trip when she was 17. She  spent countless weekends and holidays camping and exploring the coastline, until she finally made the leap and moved here full time with her husband in 2020. Due to this long relationship with the area, Alessa has established connections with local land owners to help them preserve their heritage, while at the same time connecting them with conscious investors. 


Alessa has a Master's Degree in Sustainable Development and Natural Resource Management with a special focus on urban planning and land use management. Previously, as a Sustainability Director for a large foundation in Panama City, she implemented best practices in large urban development projects and was responsible for the LEED certification of several buildings, including the first Platinum Certified building in the country. Alessa is currently a licensed Real Estate Broker in Panama. Bryan Goldner, her husband and business partner, is a Biologist with a profound knowledge and love of the Azuero Peninsula's ecosystems, as well as its people. He is on the Board of Directors of ProEco Azuero, a local non-profit that works towards reforesting the Azuero Peninsula and reconnecting biological corridors. They are also founders of Azuero Adventures, a community based adventure company working towards creating an equitable local economy around tourism.

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