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Secluded Beachfront Lots

Property Description

Escape to the tranquil beauty of Horcones Beach, where we offer exclusive beachfront lots just steps away from the pristine shoreline. Lot sizes start at 1,000 square meters(10,700 square feet) but several lots can be put together for larger parcel if desired. This area provides a rare opportunity to own a slice of paradise in one of Panama's most secluded and picturesque coastal areas.

The prime location of these lots not only puts you a few steps away from secluded black sand beaches but is just a short drive from several world renowned surf spots. A bit farther from the main area of Cambutal, these lots are for those that want a respite from crowds while still being a short distance away town.

Contact Agent

Alessa Stabile No. PN 5791


Property Details

Property Type

Ocean View




1,000 m2

Property Location

Cambutal, Panama

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