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Stunning Mountain Estate in Guanico

Property Description

Explore an exclusive chance to acquire a stunning mountain property in the delightful coastal village of Guanico, Panama. Encompassing 100 hectares, this vast estate presents unmatched sweeping ocean vistas, lush jungle scenery, and limitless potential for either development or preservation.

Key Features:

  • Breathtaking Ocean Panorama: Indulge in expansive views of the Pacific Ocean from numerous spots across the estate, creating a stunning setting for any future development.

  • Lush Rainforest: Dive into the diverse ecosystem of Panama's tropical jungle, teeming with wildlife, rare flora, and tranquil natural charm.

  • Extensive Landscape: Spanning 100 hectares, this property provides abundant space for various ventures, be it upscale housing, eco-conscious resorts, or private ecological sanctuaries.


  • Peaceful Seclusion: Indulge in complete privacy and calmness, surrounded by untouched nature and far from the noise and activity of city life.

  • Close to Beaches: Benefit from convenient access to the stunning beaches of Guanico, renowned for their unspoiled sands, great surfing opportunities, and lively marine ecosystem.

  • Diverse Development Possibilities: Whether you have in mind a personal residence, a small-scale eco-resort, or a nature conservation area, this property offers a flexible foundation for your aspirations.

Advantages of Investing:

  • Excellent Location: Located in the sought-after beach town of Guanico, this property provides a perfect combination of mountain tranquility and coastal convenience.

  • Potential for High Growth: Given the rising popularity of Panama as a destination for tourists and investors, properties in this area are expected to see substantial appreciation.

  • Attraction for Eco-Tourism: Take advantage of the increasing interest in sustainable travel experiences by developing an environmentally friendly resort that highlights the region's natural beauty and biodiversity.

Why Choose Guanico:

  • Natural Beauty: Guanico is renowned for its stunning landscapes, from black sand beaches to lush jungles and rolling mountains, making it a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Recreational Opportunities: Enjoy a wealth of activities such as surfing, hiking, birdwatching, and exploring the rich cultural heritage of the area.

  • Investment Security: Panama offers a stable economic and political environment, with favorable conditions for foreign investors and a robust real estate market.

Secure Your Mountain Paradise:

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to own a piece of paradise in Guanico, Panama. Contact us today to learn more about this 100-hectare mountain estate, including available smaller parcel options, pricing, and how you can make this dream property your own.

Contact Agent

Alessa Stabile No. PN 5791


Property Details

Property Type



Starting at $6 per m2 


100 ha

Property Location

Guánico Abajo, Panama

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